Cameraman Matt Schulze of Digital Visions Video at work
Digital Visions Video is a video production company based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, We work with businesses, organizations, and individuals both throughout the Southwest and nationally.

Drawing on experience in digital video production since 1999, we guide you through all aspects of audio-video production, from the initial concept to the finished product.

  • Cameraman Services

    Our cameraman, Matt Schulze, brings twelve years’ experience and a discerning eye to the task of translating your concept into a visual presentation that works.

    Different shooting styles have a direct bearing on the effectiveness of the entire video production, and Schulze is equally comfortable setting up a well-lit interview in a controlled setting or using a handheld camera for a more candid feel.

    Two camera shoots are particularly useful for instructional programs, where cutting back and forth between a wide and a close up aids in the visual representation of the subject matter, sometimes even with the help of a third, overhead mounted camera.

    One specialty of Digital Visions is wildlife videography, which demands additional skills and equipment. Persistence, patience and quick reflexes are foremost requirements (as well as a willingness to be out in the field before dawn!).

    Where appropriate, our wildlife audio recording is undertaken with equipment such as a Telinga parabolic dish, which puts you closer to the animal than any other microphone can.

  • Video Editing

    Digital video editing is where it all comes together and the program takes shape.

    During the video editing process we work closely with our clients to hone and polish their message.

    We use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere to edit. Other software used are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, Apple Motion, Zaxwerks 3D, and a host of smaller supporting plug-ins and apps.

    Motion Graphics

    Motion graphic design should be in service of the final product and not overwhelm it.

    Sometimes certain abstract concepts do not lend themselves easily to visual representation, so a specially constructed motion graphic can substitute nicely for a video clip.

    We also can animate your graphs and charts to create a more memorable presentation of your data.

    All motion graphics design is done in-house, which is more cost-effective for the client.